Wednesday, December 28, 2011

NYE Must Have Dresses by Sheila

New Years Eve is always about the anticipation of midnight, good times with friends and of course the glitter for us ladies. 

I'm constantly online looking at dresses regardless if it’s new years…its kind of a new obsession. Actually it is just an obsession. Here are my top 5 dresses that can be worn on New Years Eve but can translate well into other events like weddings or just a fun night out with the ladies. PS- They are in no particular order and yes I love BCBG, deal with it.

DRESS 1: Sequined Ponte Dress by BCBG

This dress has a rocker feel to it without it being too in your face. Don't think I would wear this again to a wedding but definitely to a NYE party and a girls night out. It has sequins too, so for me this is perfect for NYE.

DRESS 2: One-Shoulder Maxi Dress by BCBG

OK this dress is really the reason why I did this post. In love with the one should right now, its sexy with some class which is something I feel is important in dressing yourself. 

DRESS 3: Lace Scarf Dress by BCBG

I just tried this one on last night at the Richmond BCBG and I appreciate the silhouette on this one. You can dance it up but still stuff your face and look good. This dress can be worn again at work or on a date night which is why it makes my list. And look! Its asymmetrical, something I adore right now.

DRESS 4: Strapless Sequined Dress by BCBG

This one is true NYE Party dress. One of my best friends is wearing this dress this NYE which is why its making my list. You can't really go wrong with a black dress, now I wonder if it has pockets?

DRESS 5: Color Blocked Chiffon Dress by BCBG

Alright, I know this is not your typical NYE dress but hypothetically if I was at a resort for a NYE party this would be my first choice. PS- I bought this one and will be wearing it to one of eight of the weddings I have to attend in 2012.

Hope you enjoyed my top 5 NYE dress picks from BCBG Max Azria. Let me know which one if you favourite. PS- The easiest one to sew is Dress #2 and #3. 

Yours Truly,
Sheila @ SWFDS

Monday, December 19, 2011

One of A Kind Vancouver 2011 Recap!

Hello lovelies! If you missed OOAK 2011, don't fret, we've picked out some our favourites from the show.
We had a great time making awesome stuff and meeting new people! If you visited us, we're looking forward to seeing you again in studio!

Can you spot us??

First up, very talented and crafty felt creator, Shima Itabashi of Him Creations. You can catch them again at the Granville Island Public Market from now until Christmas Eve!
Check out their website and find these cute creatures on Etsy!

Felt creatures by Shima

Smidgebox Designs, lovely handmade "this + that". Follow on their Blog or Twitter. Pick up some lovely gifts for the holidays in their Etsy shop too- Psst! They've got Christmas stockings!

Fabric basket for storing beauty goodies?

Fully lined with pockets and dividers!

THE cutest fabrics made into buttons, pouches, and hair clips by Roxypop Designs They've even got apple cozies to protect your fruit from damage :D One of our favs- the fruity teacup candle! Makes a great gift and smells divine. 
Find their next event by keeping posted on their Website and Blog
Follow them around on Twitter and Facebook for their latest happenings!

Adorable fabrics put to good use on Roxypop buttons
Festive teacup candles- the holiday gift!
Handcrafted bags and accessories by HOIBO- all season, versatile designs.. love em! Personal favourite are the hobo bags; gorgeous leather, fully handmade and fabulous with any outfit. 
Drool over the whole collection on their website!

Kove; gorgeous, handmade knitwear! They have those trendy tube scarfs that EVERYONE has been sporting this winter. Everything from cowls, scarves, leg warmers, and tukes to keep you warm this winter. 
Follow their Blog, Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates. 
Pick up your own knitted scarf from them on Etsy!

Have a good holiday and Happy sewing!

SWFDS Sewing Team

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Upcoming Trunk Show feat. Davie & Chiyo and Lylah V Flowers!

     Our house designers, Davie & Chiyo, and Lylah V Flowers will be featured in our upcoming trunk show this Thursday in studio at SWFDS! Everything is 25% OFF at the show! Deets can be found on the invite below. Don't forget to RSVP here on their Facebook page!

Check them out on Etsy!
Davie & Chiyo
Lylah V Flowers

Here are some of our favourite picks from both designers!

Davie & Chiyo
*New clutches exclusively featured in the Trunk Show!

Teatime in Ivory and Yellow
Cherry Canvas Rosettes
Victorian Roses

Lylah V
Bridesmaids Full Bloom Bouquet in Indigo
Small Flower Bloom Brooch in Lilac Rain 
Mini Bloom Flower Brooch: Bridesmaids Set in Dusty Taupe (5 pieces)

Don't forget to RSVP and can't wait to see you all there!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

SWFDS One of a Kind Sewing Package Giveaway!

     We are happy to announce that we are an official sponsor at this year's One of a Kind Show 2011! You can find us at the show from December 8th to 11th in our sewing lounge titled "Make Something Awesome". Show attendees will be able to sew something awesome with us! More information on the One of a Kind Show can be found here.

    To celebrate, we are giving away a DIY Sewing Package (valued at approx. $100!) that includes 2 complimentary tickets into the show, 2 spots in a sewing workshop held at the show, and a $20 gift certifcate for SWFDS! 

ON FACEBOOK: "Like" our page. Write on our wall and simply tell us what your favourite DIY project was! Easy! Click here to enter.

ON TWITTER: Follow @swfds on Twitter here. Re-Tweet: "@swfds is giving away a DIY Sewing Package! To enter, FOLLOW and RT this to WIN! #sewinggiveaway"

Contest runs from now until November 30th. Random draw for a winner will be held on December 1st.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

[DIY Tutorial] Mini Make Up Pouch in 10 Steps or Less!

     In today's tutorial, we will be showing you how to make a mini make up pouch, complete with a cute button closure. It's simple and won't take you too long so keep reading to find out how to make your own!

     Another heads up, we will be teaching free on site workshops (similar to our tutorials) at the upcoming One of A Kind Show in Vancouver from December 8-11! More information on the show and where to buy tickets can be found here:

Materials Needed:
Sewing Machine (not pictured)
Iron (not pictured)
12" x 7" pieces in exterior fabric, lining, and fusible interfacing
Matching thread
Button of your choice
2" piece of elastic (1/4" width)


1. Attach the fusible interfacing to the bad side of the fabric using an iron. Be sure to use a fabric guard to protect your iron.

2. Place lining and exterior fabric good sides together, lining up the raw edges.

3. On one end of the fabric, chalk mark at the half way mark. Pin elastic at this mark with loop sandwiched between lining and exterior fabric with loop facing inside.

4. Chalk all four corners with at half an inch. This will make it easier to sew around the corners.

5. Pin all around to keep together when sewing. Be sure not to sew over pins!

6. Sew all around at half an inch seam allowance, pivoting at every corner with needle in. Remember to leave a 3" opening at the end without the elastic loop. Backstitch at the beginning and end.

7. Cut off bulk seam allowance as shown in picture. Now flip it inside out!

8. Press the rectangle flat.

9. Topstitch the open side at 1/8" seam allowance from the edge to close it. Backstitch to secure. Topstitch the side seams at 1/8" from the edge to create a pouch. Backstitch to secure.

10. Close the flap down and mark where the button should be placed. Hand sew button on the mark.

You're done! Your new makeup pouch should look something like this!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks tutorial!
This pouch is very versatile and would make a great gift as well :)

We will be teaching free workshops with similar projects at One of A Kind Show Vancouver from December 8-11! More info and purchase your tickets to the show here!

Have a lovely Halloween!

- FashionDIY Artista

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sewing Tips Compilation #2

If you haven't noticed, we've been posting daily sewing tips on Twitter, but we've decided to compile them all together in a blog post every few weeks or so. Some of them may be common sense, but just take a refresher and you'll be able to prevent yourself from any accidents and end up with a great project! *Pics will be added along the way*

Here is our second addition of sewing tips, keep updated as we add new ones!

[Sewing Tip 1] Press your seam open after sewing for a polished look. Less homemade, looks more professional.

[Sewing Tip 2] When sewing a square project or a corner, trim off a triangle on your seam allowance 1/8" away from sewn corner. This prevents bulkage when flipping project inside out. *PS- This example is from our reference board in studio, which also includes examples of stitches, hemming, pockets and other sewing techniques!

[Sewing Tip 3] When attaching fusible interfacing always use a fabric guard in between iron and interfacing to prevent glue from sticking to iron.

[Sewing Tip 4] Change your sewing machine needle after 2 major projects.

[Sewing Tip 5] This might be common sense but only use fabric scissors for fabric, never paper!

[Sewing Tip 6] No empty bobbins? Wrap a new thread color over top of a half full bobbin.

[Sewing Tip 7] Test your thread tension using a scrap of your project fabric before sewing your project.

[Sewing Tip 8] Purchase a pair on thread clippers like these. Easier to trim threads then big scissors. Very handy!

[Sewing Tip 9] To find your natural waistline measurement, bend to the side and take your measurement where it hinges.

[Sewing Tip 10] When hand sewing silk use a thinner guage needle so needle can glide through fabric easily and leaves smaller, less noticeable holes.

[Sewing Tip 11] Dont rush sewing during the last steps of your project. That's when the most mistakes happen.

[Sewing Tip 12] Trim off the hanging threads after sewing a seam. This ensures no threads will be pulled into machine later when sewing.

[Sewing Tip 13] Invest in a magnetic pins holder. Easier to grab and store pins! Buy from Dressew, it's cheap.

[Sewing Tip 14] If you sew a lot like us, ensure you clean out any fuzz & threads from around your bobbin area. Better quality stitches.

[Sewing Tip 15] Backstitching is used to re-enforce a seam. Only do 3-4 stitches, anymore will just add unneccessary bulk.

[Sewing Tip 16] Keep a cover on you sewing machines while not in use. Decreases the amount of fuzz/dust that can accumulate.

[Sewing Tip 17] When pressing a garment press all seam allowances towards the back or down.

[Sewing Tip 18] No serger? Use a zig zag stitch close to the seam allowance raw edge instead. Or come and use ours :)

[Sewing Tip 19] When threading your machine ensure presser foot is up. This ensures thread sits properly in tension areas.

[Sewing Tip 20] Pre-wash fabric prior to sewing. If you forget, then wash in cold water and hang to dry to maintain original shape.

[Sewing Tip 21] Avoid lots of pins when sewing with silk, decreases the amount of holes. Or just pin in the seam allowance area.

[Sewing Tip 22] Prior to sewing a hem, press it in, so that the hem lays flat while sewing. Make sewing easy!

[Sewing Tip 23] Need to decrease the height /width of a garment? Do it from the middle and re-curve outer seams. Never from the outsides.

[Sewing Tip 24] Keep food and drinks away from machines and irons. Who wants sandwich crumbs melted into their project??


[Sewing Tip 25] Always have black, white, and another colour you use often in thread.

[Sewing Tip 26] When using a seam ripper remember the blade is in the valley of the ripper. Don’t pick away at your thread using the tip, use the valley.

[Sewing Tip 27] Have your fabric sheers sharpened at least once a year or earlier if you sew often. Keeps you and your fabric sane!

[Sewing Tip 28] Lost one button on your blazer and can’t find a replacement? Replace all the buttons for a fresh look. Or keep a bunch of extra buttons around like us! 

[Sewing Tip 29] Always place the big pattern pieces first on the fabric, then the small ones will fit around.

[Sewing Tip 30] Keep a pin holder beside your sewing machine or you will have pins everywhere.

[Sewing Tip 31] Prior to cutting out pattern, ensure fabric is good sides facing each other.   

[Sewing Tip 32] Invest in a quilting ruler. Handy for pattern drafting and sewing. These come in different sizes so pick one that youll use most often, or just get both for convenience.

[Sewing Tip 33] Your machine dead & you want to get rid of it. Take it to a machine store and they can recycle for you.  

[Sewing Tip 34] Pins dull over time, replace them if they are no longer gliding through fabric smoothly. 

[Sewing Tip 35] There are different heights to bobbins, always use the correct height bobbin for your machine. Make sure you don't mix up domestic and industrial bobbins!

[Sewing Tip 36] Chalk out your sew line prior to sewing if it’s a detailed seam. Extra time but your seam will be flawless.

[Sewing Tip 37] When using chalk apply lightly on fabric or it might take several washes to remove.

[Sewing TIp 38] Use heavy weight drafting paper instead of regular paper to extend the life of patterns.

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Check back soon for another compilation with more pics!