Saturday, October 29, 2011

[DIY Tutorial] Mini Make Up Pouch in 10 Steps or Less!

     In today's tutorial, we will be showing you how to make a mini make up pouch, complete with a cute button closure. It's simple and won't take you too long so keep reading to find out how to make your own!

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Materials Needed:
Sewing Machine (not pictured)
Iron (not pictured)
12" x 7" pieces in exterior fabric, lining, and fusible interfacing
Matching thread
Button of your choice
2" piece of elastic (1/4" width)


1. Attach the fusible interfacing to the bad side of the fabric using an iron. Be sure to use a fabric guard to protect your iron.

2. Place lining and exterior fabric good sides together, lining up the raw edges.

3. On one end of the fabric, chalk mark at the half way mark. Pin elastic at this mark with loop sandwiched between lining and exterior fabric with loop facing inside.

4. Chalk all four corners with at half an inch. This will make it easier to sew around the corners.

5. Pin all around to keep together when sewing. Be sure not to sew over pins!

6. Sew all around at half an inch seam allowance, pivoting at every corner with needle in. Remember to leave a 3" opening at the end without the elastic loop. Backstitch at the beginning and end.

7. Cut off bulk seam allowance as shown in picture. Now flip it inside out!

8. Press the rectangle flat.

9. Topstitch the open side at 1/8" seam allowance from the edge to close it. Backstitch to secure. Topstitch the side seams at 1/8" from the edge to create a pouch. Backstitch to secure.

10. Close the flap down and mark where the button should be placed. Hand sew button on the mark.

You're done! Your new makeup pouch should look something like this!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks tutorial!
This pouch is very versatile and would make a great gift as well :)

We will be teaching free workshops with similar projects at One of A Kind Show Vancouver from December 8-11! More info and purchase your tickets to the show here!

Have a lovely Halloween!

- FashionDIY Artista

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  1. What is finished size of this make up bag.
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