Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vintage DIY

Dear sewing lovers,

As you might know our studio has started monthly themed sewing workshops. You learn how to sew very chic items for less than $50 and in less than 2 hrs. So in our search for March sewing projects we may have found it! March will most likely be VINTAGE DIY. What the heck is it? You go to a thrift or vintage store or even your mothers or...even your fathers closet and take something with a beautiful print. You can tell your mom that print worked in the 70's for a skirt but its time to up-cycle to a wearable item for today!

We took a scarf bought at Value Village over a year ago for $3. Its a beautiful print, so kinda hesitant to cut it up. BUT were all about experimenting so we cut it up to make a fabric clutch. Its fully lined with a basic black cotton fabric and the closure is just leather strips cut from a leather pelt found at Dressew (Bought during 50% off sale!! wooot). Just wrap the straps around the clutch and tie to close.

Our Vintage DIY clutch fits your iPhone, makeup, cards, money and even a slim epi leather LV wallet. Mind you our necks are now cold with no scarf...but that wont stop us from making a scarf another day!

Want to learn how to make a Vintage DIY Clutch, let us know and we will add it to the March sewing workshop line up.

DIY cause we can,
She at SWFDS

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