Wednesday, January 11, 2012

[DIY Tutorial] Infinity Scarf!

We are back with another tutorial! One of our most popular classes for you to make on your own at home.. the infinity scarf! VERY simple and easy to make and wear!

Materials needed:
0.8 metres of jersey stretch fabric
Matching thread
Quilting ruler
Fabric Shears
Iron & Iron board
Sewing machine

1) Lie the fabric flat on the table, folded in half with good sides together and salvaged edge closest to you.

2) Trim the two raw ends so that they are parallel. (Not the salvaged edge)

3) On one of the salvaged corners of the fabric, use chalk to mark four inches up. Use the ruler, and chalk a line descending to the other salvaged corner. This is to create a nice cascading final look for the scarf. (Click to enlarge)

4) Sew the fabric good sides together on the chalked line, then trim excess neatly.

5) Press seams open.

6) Stretch the tube to give it shape, flip it inside out and you're done!

How easy was that! Congrats on a fabulous new scarf. Psst- share what you wear with yours!

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