Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bridal DIY

"April showers bring May flowers", and spring Weddings!

Here's some wedding inspirations to help you look fabulous while you tie the knot.

DIY - How to make a Garter


- Fabric strip: 3 inches wide, and your thigh measurement + 1/2 for length
- Lace for the trim: Any lace will do, it must be the same measurements as the fabric
- Elastic: 1/2 inch wide
- You can also choose to personalize your garter by adding charms, beads, extra trims... (sew on, or use a glue gun) 


1.  Fold fabric strip in half lengthwise (with the wrong side facing out)
2. Sew the outside edges together and turn inside out so the correct side of the fabric is facing out, and so that the sewed edge is in the centre of the fabric tube.
3. Iron the tube so that the seam faces the back centre (so it is hidden against your leg)
4. Sew the lace onto the bottom
5. Slide in the elastic tube (if this is difficult, use a safety pin to help guide it through)
6. Wrap the garter around your thigh and trim the elastic to where you decide is a comfortable fit
7. Sew the elastic edges together and finish by hand sewing the fabric, then ribbon ends together
8. Sew or glue on any additional charms, beads, bows, rosettes...

Demonstration of Step 1
Finished Garter 

2011 wedding dress trends:


Romance in bridal dresses continues this year, with soft fabrics like tulle and organza paired with lace. Texture is a common trend in most collections from ruffles,  and lace, to flowers. 


Strapless (surprised?), soft sheath silhouettes, A-Lines, trumpets, and natural waistlines. 


- apple red and black
- lavender and sky blue
- diamond blue and coral
- hot pink and navy
- rustic brown and pink


Lovely hair clips from Etsey.com

Here are some dresses that perfectly fit this years trend criteria:

Tulle Skirt

Note the flower applique
Texture! Texture! Texture!

Hint: Maybe this will be a SWFDS workshop theme in the near future... 

Here are some awesome places to check out for all this info & more:

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