Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hamburger Disco

Have you heard of Hamburger Disco?
This week we went to visit the humorous designers at the Hamburger Disco Pop-up Store - a local clothing company that celebrates Hamburgers & Disco! The founders developed the concept during a trip to Japan, Here's the story.You can find their current pop-up store on 10th and Kingsway in Vancouver. Head over and visit them asap because they won't be at this location for long!!

Happy Sewing!

Special Edition Hamburger Disco - Part of the proceeds go towards Japan  

Pop-up store on 10th & Kingsway
Posing in a "Saved by the Bell" set up. Sheila and the men of Hamburger Disco showed off some oh so delish designs. Over sized womens sweaters are super sexy. Sheila snagged 2 artist series Tees and booty shorts.

The guys posing in their pop-up store. 

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