Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DIY Jewelled Flip-Flops

Summer's approaching! It's time to put those rain boot's back into hibernation and slip on a pair of sandals. Flip-flops are the go to summer staple, in saying this they are far from being the classiest shoe. Here's an idea to help you spice them up!

Happy Sewing!

DIY flip-flops

What you will need:
- A pair of plain flip-flops
- Beads (plastic, wood, or glass. *keep in mind glass will be heavy)
- Scissors
- Elastic thread or fishing line

Step 1:
- Use elastic to measure out a piece that is 4x the length of the flip-flop
- Use elastic to make a double knot on the thong (part that is close to the bottom of the flip-flop (this is the anchor loop)

Anchor the elastic to the flip-flop with a double knot
Step 2:
- Slide the knot on the thong towards the bottom of the thong.
- Pull the remaining elastic under the thong and thread a bead.
- Tuck the end of the elastic through the anchor loop.

Thread a bead, then tuck the end of the elastic into the tied loop
Step 3:
To make sure the beads don't slide around the thong, we are going to loop the elastic again.
- Slip the end of the elastic through the bottom of the anchor loop we tied on, then again under the elastic that holds on the second bead (refer to photo for help).

Loop again to secure the bead to the thong
Step 4:
- Add more beads, while knotting twice

Add a bead, tuck in the elastic at the top, then again on the loop before it.
Step 5:
- As you work, push the knots on the back of the thong down towards the bottom or top of the thong. *This will make wear more comfortable, if your feet are sensitive you can even cut a thin piece of felt and hot glue in to the back of the thong to prevent irritation against the skin.

Beaded flip-flops
Step 6: 
- Make sure that you are getting a uniform row of knots alongside your beads as you work. *A knot that looks different means that we messed up somewhere along the way. 

Add beads, making a uniform pattern as you work
Step 7:
- To add smaller beads, loop them just like the large beads, stacking them on top of one another.

Adding smaller beads
Step 8:
- Create a mirror-image pattern of beads on each side of the thong. *Large beads look really nice on the middle of the thong.

Add different sized beads for a finished look

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