Friday, July 29, 2011

[DIY Tutorial] Baby Receiving Blanket

Here are our DIY baby receiving blankets! Follow our tutorial to learn how to make this simple and inexpensive project!

Materials needed:
1.1 Metres of fabric (100% cotton in flannel or cuddle)

Sewing supplies needed:
Serger sewing machine (not pictured)
Fabric shears
Measuring tape
Circle reference (a mug or cup will work)

1. Decide what dimensions you'd like for your finished receiving blanket.
These instructions are for a 40" x 40" oversized blanket.

2. Lay fabric flat on the table.

3. Use a measuring tape to a 40" x 40" square (or whatever dimensions you've chosen). Chalk out your line and cut.

4. Take a mug or any circular object and line it up to the corner edges of the fabric.
Chalk the new rounded edge to all four corners.

5. Starting on a side not a corner, serge all the way around the blanket.

6. Trim off any excess threads from the serger and you're done!

For any questions, don't hesitate to drop us a comment below, send us an email or just visit us in studio! 
Happy sewing!

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