Saturday, August 6, 2011

[How To] Pick Thread Colour for a Sewing Project

Important steps to know:

  • At the fabric store, get your fabric cut first and then pick your thread.
  • Pull a bit of the thread out the from the spool and lay it on your fabric so you can see how it will look it.
  • For solid fabrics: pick a thread colour that either matches it exactly or one shade darker. *Darker shades of thread blends easily to match your fabric*
Thread colour matches fabric exactly. Thanks to Davie & Chiyo for letting us use their clutch as an example! Check them out here!
  • For printed/patterned fabrics: pick a thread that either matches the base colour or one of the darker shades in the print.

We chose dark grey thread to match with the darkest shade in the print.

Did you see our cute new promo cards peeking out in the pictures?
We've been working on lots of beautification changes and little upgrades so keep updated!
Be sure to check back next week for an upcoming tutorial!

Until then, this is your FashionDIY Artist signing off~
Happy Sewing :)

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