Monday, June 6, 2011

Our take on "Canuck Fashion"

Vancouver is crazy right now - for obvious reasons! Blue & green colours are filling the streets for the Stanley Cup playoffs, and it is not going unnoticed! I have to admit, I'm one of those bandwagon Canuck fans. I love the atmosphere of the game and how it unites all of us Vancouverites. Now here's the issue... Not a chance am I going to the Canuck store to spend $300 on a Burrows jersey that I'll get the chance to wear 5 times a year... So I'm thinking, for all of us bandwagon fashionistas, why not just sport the colours? This way we can still look cute, without that oversized sweaty jersey in 25 degree weather :).
Here are some Canuck coloured outfits (that you can wear, even when its not hockey season!!!). Find everything from H&M, to Gucci, and Zara!

Happy Sewing!!


Victoria Secret:



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