Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DIY Summer Accessory: Dramatic hair piece

Happy first day of summer! It is only fitting that today we show the best summer sewing project that we could find. The sun is finally shinning and the sand is cozy warm, why not take your project to the beach, soak up some rays, and make yourself a new accessory while your at it. This project will also look super cute with that new tan and bikini you've got going on.

Have a lovely summer and happy sewing!

DIY Dramatic Hair Piece

What you will need:
- Old T-Shirt
- Hair Clips
- Scissors
- Super Glue
- Twine
- Feathers 

1. Cut/Rip T-Shirt Into Strips
Here a black t-shirt is used to create a subtle look with the dark hair. Cut/Rip 3 different lengths of fabric. One really long, one medium and one shorter length. Add knots and tie ends together for a detailed look. 

2. Attach T-Shirt Fabric To Clip
Using the twine, simply tie and tightly knot the fabric onto the end of the clip. 

3. Wrap Twine Around T-Shirt Strips
Wind the twine around all three fabric pieces separatly. Wind certain  parts tighter then others to add interest.

4. Glue the Feather
Super glue the end of the feather.

5. Attach Feather
Slip the super glued feather through the wrapped twine.

6. Secure Feathers
Secure the feather again with a snippet of twine. Knot it good, just to be sure. 

7.  Repeat the Process
Repeat the steps 3-6 until you have the desired amount of feathers and twine on your hair piece. In the demonstration 3-5 feathers are used on each t-shirt strip. 

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