Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Beginner's Essential Sewing Kit!

People often ask which sewing materials they should keep around, so we decided to blog a list of things we love to use when sewing! Here are our recommendations for the essential sewer's kit! (Great for all sewers, but super helpful for beginners especially)

A Beginner's Essential Sewing Kit Materials and Tools:
  • Fabric Shears: Pick one with a long, sharp blade and be sure to never use them on paper!
  • Quilting Ruler: Having both sizes is really handy but just one is good to start with.
  • Mini Scissors: Really great to keep around when sewing to snip off loose threads, cutting thread, snipping notch marks. Highly recommended. (We own several pairs of these!)
  • Tailors Chalk: Available in a variety of colours, pick some that will be easy to see against the fabrics that you're using.
  • Pins: Essential for keeping your fabric together when sewing or cutting.
  • Handsewing Needle: Very helpful for quick, minor alterations. Essential for sewing buttons. Great to keep around for other small projects and detail work.
  • Stitch Ripper: Removes any sewing mistakes quickly, perfect for beginners.
  • Measuring Tape: Works great for measuring larger projects and body measurements.
  • Thread: Black and white thread are good basic colours to have. Also keep another spool that would match with most fabrics you use or just one of your favourite colours. (We like dark blues, but greys are also easy to match)

These materials can all be found at your local fabric store. As well, if you sign up for a class at SWFDS, you'll also get this kit in a cute storage pouch! (thread and shears not included) 
Check it out here. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes available.

Hope this helps and happy sewing!
FashionDIY Artist signing out :)

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