Wednesday, August 10, 2011

[DIY Tutorial] Upcycled Frayed Jean Shortshorts

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create your own pair of jean shortshorts the easy and inexpensive way! Recycle those jeans you dont wear anymore and turn them into a cute pair of frayed summer shorts!

Materials needed:
Sewing Machine
Pair of old jeans
Fabric shears

For distressing: (optional)
Butter knife


1.Lay the jeans flat. Measure 9" from the waistband and chalk it. Measure 3" from the crotch. (Use your own measurements depending on how long you want the shorts, but make sure both sides are the same!)

2. Chalk a line connecting the two chalk markings. It's not necessary to do it on the back.

3. Make sure the jeans are flat and cut. No need to be neat at all, messier edges work better for fraying.

4. Start fraying! Use your fingers to pull out horizontal threads from the raw edges. Don't be too gentle or you wont be able to get the threads out. Throw them in the dryer to fray them even more!

5. Once frayed to your liking, sew a straight line around to prevent further fraying. Sew where the highest part of the fraying stops, (ours was about 1.5" from the edge)

6. You're done! If you want to distress your new shortshorts, grab some sandpaper and other creative tools like knives, scissors and experiment! Tip: Try sponging a small amount of bleach lightly on the fabric to create a worn out look.

To get this distressed look, grab some sandpaper and press and rub it quickly, left to right until the fabric starts shredding. 
Enjoy your new frayed shorts and keep updated for our next tutorial!
Till next time, happy sewing! :)

- FashionDIY Artist

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