Thursday, April 28, 2011


SWFDS is proud to announce our participation in this years Epic Vancouver Expo at the Vancouver Convention Centre (held May 13-15). Epic Expo is Western Canada's largest lifestyle show for the eco-conscious consumer. We will be offering some fun mini workshops throughout the event, come support your favourite sewing studio.

Here's at look a our vintage and eco-friendly schedule:

Friday May 13
2pm Vintage Clutch
5pm Vintage Rosebud Hair Clips
6:30pm Vintage Rosebud Hair Clips
Saturday May 14
12pm Eco Stash Bag
2pm Vintage Clutch
5pm Vintage Rosebud Hair Clips
Sunday May 15
12pm Eco Stash Bag
2pm Vintage Clutch

Vintage Clutch: $30 + HST

Eco-Stash Bag: $20 + HST

Vintage Rosebud Hair Clips: $10 +HST

In case you aren't already convinced to join: Our booth will be hosting Andrew Briggs Artwork, Davie & Chiyo Clutches, Adam Katz Up-cycling Apparel, and Picasso Design Scarves.

Hope to see you all there, happy sewing!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

May Workshop: "Something Made, Something Blue"

Have you seen the tulips popping up everywhere!? May flowers are finally upon us, as is wedding season! This month the SWFDS team has put together a lovely workshop for all of our sewing enthusiasts: "something made, something blue". Come sew with us on May 29th and create a wristlet clutch, and/or a beaded headpiece. Our workshops are always under $50 and take less then 2 hours to complete.

Happy Sewing.

This months flyer "Something Made, Something Blue":

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DIY Jewelled Flip-Flops

Summer's approaching! It's time to put those rain boot's back into hibernation and slip on a pair of sandals. Flip-flops are the go to summer staple, in saying this they are far from being the classiest shoe. Here's an idea to help you spice them up!

Happy Sewing!

DIY flip-flops

What you will need:
- A pair of plain flip-flops
- Beads (plastic, wood, or glass. *keep in mind glass will be heavy)
- Scissors
- Elastic thread or fishing line

Step 1:
- Use elastic to measure out a piece that is 4x the length of the flip-flop
- Use elastic to make a double knot on the thong (part that is close to the bottom of the flip-flop (this is the anchor loop)

Anchor the elastic to the flip-flop with a double knot
Step 2:
- Slide the knot on the thong towards the bottom of the thong.
- Pull the remaining elastic under the thong and thread a bead.
- Tuck the end of the elastic through the anchor loop.

Thread a bead, then tuck the end of the elastic into the tied loop
Step 3:
To make sure the beads don't slide around the thong, we are going to loop the elastic again.
- Slip the end of the elastic through the bottom of the anchor loop we tied on, then again under the elastic that holds on the second bead (refer to photo for help).

Loop again to secure the bead to the thong
Step 4:
- Add more beads, while knotting twice

Add a bead, tuck in the elastic at the top, then again on the loop before it.
Step 5:
- As you work, push the knots on the back of the thong down towards the bottom or top of the thong. *This will make wear more comfortable, if your feet are sensitive you can even cut a thin piece of felt and hot glue in to the back of the thong to prevent irritation against the skin.

Beaded flip-flops
Step 6: 
- Make sure that you are getting a uniform row of knots alongside your beads as you work. *A knot that looks different means that we messed up somewhere along the way. 

Add beads, making a uniform pattern as you work
Step 7:
- To add smaller beads, loop them just like the large beads, stacking them on top of one another.

Adding smaller beads
Step 8:
- Create a mirror-image pattern of beads on each side of the thong. *Large beads look really nice on the middle of the thong.

Add different sized beads for a finished look

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hamburger Disco

Have you heard of Hamburger Disco?
This week we went to visit the humorous designers at the Hamburger Disco Pop-up Store - a local clothing company that celebrates Hamburgers & Disco! The founders developed the concept during a trip to Japan, Here's the story.You can find their current pop-up store on 10th and Kingsway in Vancouver. Head over and visit them asap because they won't be at this location for long!!

Happy Sewing!

Special Edition Hamburger Disco - Part of the proceeds go towards Japan  

Pop-up store on 10th & Kingsway
Posing in a "Saved by the Bell" set up. Sheila and the men of Hamburger Disco showed off some oh so delish designs. Over sized womens sweaters are super sexy. Sheila snagged 2 artist series Tees and booty shorts.

The guys posing in their pop-up store. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Make It Vancouver

'The Croatian Cultural Centre hosted this years Make It event, "The Handmade Revolution" . The event featured everything from designers, to talented artists, and decadent pastry chefs. We ran into a handful of our friends, and even made some new ones! Have a look at the pics we took...

Happy Sewing.

Lawrence from Lemon Pie - Cutest Pillows!!

Ladies from The Tiny Fig, cute graphics on everything from notebooks, stud earrings, and clothing.

Paper Back Note: An amazing concept, he binds old book covers to blank paper to make a notebook - He can even do custom ones!

Check out Daub+Design for some unique hand-dyed swimwear, scarves & accessories. 

Our friends at Kukubee, CUTEST designs ever... 

Pieces of Time Opulence - I loved their pieces & concept: One of a kind  accessories made from vintage finds.

Monday, April 11, 2011

DIY Fabric Patterns

We love twitter, and links, and blogs... Our clicking at SWFDS has led us to many fancy places, one being This website offers info on everything from trends to DIY projects. Recently we've come across a great post on this website about creating your own fabric patterns - An awesome idea because we all know how complicated fabric shopping can be, especially when you're looking for that perfect pattern. Hope these pattern ideas inspires you.

Happy Sewing!

Pattern making break down:

1. Have your own designs printed for you 

You chose the fabric: from basic cotton, to silks, and linens on which you can have your designs printed up on.
You can get this done at places like Spoonflower, KarmaKraft, and Fabric on Demand.
Prices vary from 18$/yard - 35$/yard + shipping costs
Be careful: This may be time consuming, expensive, and you don't have control of how the final project turns out.

2. DIY Stamping by cut out and keep

If you have a design in mind, and a stamp in hand, or know how to carve out a stamp, you might like this method. The link above has a step by step example of how to create your own fabric using a paint and stamp method.
Be careful: This may be time consuming and requires precision.

Stamp Example

Creating a pattern

Final Product of fabric/pattern
3. DIY Stencil 

Stencilling is very similar to the stamp method above, however, it's much easier for DIY enthusiasts to cut out their own stencil, then their own stamp. To create a stencilled pattern, you would use the same instructions as the stamp method above.

A stencil project

4. Screen Printing

"Screen printing on fabric is a wonderful way to improve the look of fabric and to make any sort of pattern that suits your needs. You will need a reasonable amount of space and need to set aside some time to dip in and get messy, but the end results are worth the effort. This article explains how to screen print fabric. "

Some fun screen printing!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bridal DIY

"April showers bring May flowers", and spring Weddings!

Here's some wedding inspirations to help you look fabulous while you tie the knot.

DIY - How to make a Garter


- Fabric strip: 3 inches wide, and your thigh measurement + 1/2 for length
- Lace for the trim: Any lace will do, it must be the same measurements as the fabric
- Elastic: 1/2 inch wide
- You can also choose to personalize your garter by adding charms, beads, extra trims... (sew on, or use a glue gun) 


1.  Fold fabric strip in half lengthwise (with the wrong side facing out)
2. Sew the outside edges together and turn inside out so the correct side of the fabric is facing out, and so that the sewed edge is in the centre of the fabric tube.
3. Iron the tube so that the seam faces the back centre (so it is hidden against your leg)
4. Sew the lace onto the bottom
5. Slide in the elastic tube (if this is difficult, use a safety pin to help guide it through)
6. Wrap the garter around your thigh and trim the elastic to where you decide is a comfortable fit
7. Sew the elastic edges together and finish by hand sewing the fabric, then ribbon ends together
8. Sew or glue on any additional charms, beads, bows, rosettes...

Demonstration of Step 1
Finished Garter 

2011 wedding dress trends:


Romance in bridal dresses continues this year, with soft fabrics like tulle and organza paired with lace. Texture is a common trend in most collections from ruffles,  and lace, to flowers. 


Strapless (surprised?), soft sheath silhouettes, A-Lines, trumpets, and natural waistlines. 


- apple red and black
- lavender and sky blue
- diamond blue and coral
- hot pink and navy
- rustic brown and pink


Lovely hair clips from

Here are some dresses that perfectly fit this years trend criteria:

Tulle Skirt

Note the flower applique
Texture! Texture! Texture!

Hint: Maybe this will be a SWFDS workshop theme in the near future... 

Here are some awesome places to check out for all this info & more: