Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DIY: Baby Changing Pad

For all of the new moms & dads out there... even for those of you looking to gift to a baby.
You may know that changing pads for babies can get expensive. To make it worst, most of the time the patterns aren't even cute! Don't worry, SWFDS is here to save you! Here's a DIY project for that new baby in your life.

Happy Sewing!

What you need:
- Vinyl Tablecloth (any size)
- Bias Tape: extra wide, double fold 1/2" (or you can make your own)
- Ribbon
- Flannel or Felt

Step 1:
Fold the tablecloth in half and cut into 2 pieces. Use the dimensions 26x20 because after rounding out and adding bias tape it is always much smaller. We need all the sides to have rounded corners, so use a bowl to trace around to cut off straight corners. Line rounded corners up to make sure that everything is even, if not trim the excess.

Step 2: 
Take flannel or felt and cut it to match your tablecloth with rounded corners.  

Step 3:
Next, you will sandwich your flannel into the 2 tablecloth pieces, you will do this with your right side of your tablecloth facing out. 

Step 4:
Now we can start adding the bias tape. In this project we will not be adding bias tape the "correct way" instead, we will sandwich it into the double fold and sew. Pin the bias tape all the way around the fabric. Bias tape has one side that is longer than the other, make sure you have the shortest width on top and the longer on the bottom so when you are seeing your stitches on the top you can be sure to catch all the layers on the bottom. Start your bias tape on the longer edge of your project. 

Step 5:
Start sewing on your bias tape. I put the edge of the bias tape at the edge of my foot and sewed at that distance. 

Step 6:
Once you get to the short side (about 3 inches away from the next unsewn long side), you will add ribbon ties. Cut the ribbon ties to 16" each, and heat seal the ends by running a lighter quickly underneath so the ribbon will not fray.  

Step 7:
To add your ribbon ties, put one ribbon on the bottom of your tablecloth and one on top, but make sure they are both INSIDE the bias tape, so once you sew the bias tape you will sew the ribbon in. 

Here's the ribbon sewn in on both sides
Step 8:
Continue sewing your bias tape all the way around. When you get back to where you started, trim off your bias tape about an inch past where your other ends starts. Fold your bias tape as neatly as possible and cover your other end by about 1/2" and sew over. (backstitch to hold stitching in place)

Completed Project:

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