Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DIY: Scarf Vest

I definitely have the biggest soft spot for anything/anyone New York. Perhaps due to it's history, or amazing fashion, maybe the big buildings, the great food, the wild lights, or even simply the people. Everyone I meet from NY never fails to surprise me. One of my mentors once told me "New York is the place where all the misfits go to fit in", this statement impacted my opinion of this city, emphasizing it's individuality. The amount of talent that grows in that city is beyond belief.
Today, I came across a unique NY DIY blogger and I wanted to share one of her DIY projects (this one's an easy one step!)
Be sure to check her out: Kirsten @ http://www.studs-and-pearls.com

Happy Sewing!

DIY Scarf Vest - One Step Project

Here's a look at what we'll be making!

Kirsten made this scarf below into a more wearable piece of clothing by simply cutting two slits. For this project it's all about where you cut the slits. The best part: you can still wear it as a scarf if you wanted too!

Scarves used for the project
What you need:
- Large square scarf or fabric
- Scissors
- 3 minutes!

Slits cut into the scarf

First and ONLY step:

Cut two diagonal slits on either side of the scarves midpoint.

Don't worry about making everything perfectly straight. You can tell just by looking at the above picture that Kirsten didn't cut them straight either. When worn the scarf will flow and fold withing itself - so being a few inches off won't matter at all.

Kirsten eyeballed her cuts without measurements, but as this isn't everyone style, included below are measurements for a 30x30 scarf. Adjust accordingly depending on the size of your scarf.

30x30 scarf measurments

You don't have to use a scarf... If you have a large piece of fabric laying around, by all means make that into a vest too!

Super easy!!

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